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Saturday, February 5, 2011

9-month pictures

We have Silas' 9-month pictures!

Kaitlin of 2point5d.com did them again and, as usual, they turned out so well! 

We joked with her that we always seem to be her guinea pigs for new locations to shoot and this time was no different. The first set of pictures was taken at Edward McKay's bookstore in Raleigh. Such a neat idea! The second set of pictures was taken at...a laundromat? Yep. It sounded odd, but we know Kaitlin is good at what she does, so we trusted her. As you can see, the pictures were beyond adorable! The colors were great, and the washers/dryers gave it a retro feel. 

You can see a few below. Look at all of them by clicking here

Can you see his two bottom teeth? So cute!

He loves holding his feet. 

He's on top of a table, here, crawling towards the camera. Looks mischievous. 

He loves swinging upside down!

Count Your Blessings...

The next few weekends in February are going to be tough for me. Alan will be spending the next 2 weekends away from us, on separate youth trips/events. This means I will be home alone for two weekends in a row, with Silas and the animals, after working with high school students all week.

During times like these, I can't help but be jealous of those I know who have a support system of family, or even friends,  near them to help. When I think of people I know who had date nights with their spouse just weeks after their baby was born, or those who are pregnant and will have that opportunity whenever they like, I feel a little bitter. In the 10-months since Silas was born, Alan and I have had one true date night. That's it.

I don't want to whine...that's not why I am writing this. 
We knew things would be tough...so this was no surprise. 

But, as Alan and I talked about this the other day, we both came to a realization: We are truly blessed. That may sound obvious, or even cliche, but it's true--and probably not in the ways expected.

Yes, we are blessed to even have a child. Many families can't have them. But we are beyond blessed. 
Silas is a WONDERFUL baby. I know, I know, everyone thinks their baby is the best. But as we were talking, Alan and I started thinking about these things:
Silas was sleeping through the night by 5-weeks-old...and has been ever since. 
He rarely cries. When he does, it's really not loud or ear-piercing, and it usually doesn't last long. 
Silas is rarely sick. He has dealt with reflux since birth, but we've managed it. He had a bout of asthma last week due to his cold, but it's gone. That's it. 
He is so mild-natured, and low maintenance. He is content to play in the living room by himself, crawling, pulling up, and scooting round and round. 
Silas general plays well with other kids when he's been around them, even if they try to beat him up (like in the church nursery).
When we go out, he's an angel. He lets us eat dinner together, only occasionally needing attention. He sits quietly in the grocery cart, smiling and cooing at the old women in the store. As long as he is fed and dry, he is content. 
Silas happily plays with toys in his car seat and eventually gives in to its magical sleeping powers. 
He is already a ham! He makes noises to get our attention, mocks us when we laugh or cough, and gives us his tiny-tooth-filled grins--all of which melt both of our hearts. 

Silas is our blessing. We firmly believe God has blessed us with such a wonderful baby on purpose. Whenever those feelings of jealousy and bitterness start to stir, I stop and think of all the things I just listed. How many other parents are lucky enough to be in our shoes? While things may not be exactly as we wish they could be, we have no reason to complain.
God is good, ALL the time.


Monday, January 17, 2011

The Places and People We Love

One beautiful thing about visiting our hometown is the fact that we get to visit ALL of our friends and family while we are down.

Alan and Anthony have been best friends for....well, years and years. They are the closest thing either one has to a brother and although they only see each other a couple of times a year, whenever they do get together, they pick right up where they left off. Anthony is married to Anna, and they are expecting a little girl Kidd around the same time as Silas' first birthday! Of course, we already have not-so-secret plans for an arranged married for the two kids, but don't tell them :)

Uncle Anthony and Silas
Lucy is (like) my (our) little sister. She was in the youth group at the church where Alan and I both worked. When we moved away, she kept in touch and has visited multiple times--including when Silas was born. We love this girl to pieces--and always make sure to visit with her while we are in town.

Aunt Lucy

The Tin Top is located in Bon Secour, AL and is one of our FAVORITE places to eat. Ever. The food is divine, the service is great, and the ambiance is so relaxing. It is owned by some dear friends of my father, so we always make at least one--if not more than one--trip to eat there while we are down. Bob and Patty (the owners) are amazing and below is a picture of us at the restaurant. Oh, and they have a new restaurant open in Tuscaloosa. You should visit if you are in the area!

Finally, I've got a picture of me and Silas in Cracker Barrel. When we travel, we hate eating fast food. It just makes us feel gross. So sometimes, we stop at Cracker Barrel to get food that's a little less gross and gives Silas a chance to get out of his carseat.

"Great" Family

Silas is blessed to have some really "great" family members...here are some pictures of him with those people over the holidays.


Great-Grandmother Ethel and Great-Great-Uncle Wyatt

Four Generations, with Great-Granddaddy Louis

Four generations with Great-Nanny
Great-Grandmother Nanny

Great-Grandmother Frances

Christmas Celebration #4

This year, we extended our Christmas celebration to December 26--with my extended family. That morning, Alan, Silas, and I went to church with his parents and then went to my grandparents' house for lunch. The house was packed as everyone came over--us, my grandparents, my father, step-mother, step-sister, my cousin Sarah, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Dan, cousin Kristin and her husband Jeremy, Uncle Wyatt, Cliff, Dylan, and Samantha. I hope I didn't leave anyone out!

It is always entertaining and loud when we all get together. Although we missed Jenna, Josh, and brand-new Evie-Lou (she was only a few weeks old at that time), we still had a blast!

Aunt Mal and Silas


Silas and Aunt Samantha


Kristin and Dylan

Action shot...I'm sure they love me for this.
yearly family shot

goofy shot for a goofy family

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Celebration #3

After leaving Alan's parents' home, we heading to my father's house for Christmas celebration #3. Here, we celebrated with my father, step-mother, step-sister Mallory, Cliff, Sam, Dylan, (Great) Uncle Wyatt, Grandmother and Granddaddy. Full House!!

One thing I love about all of the different celebrations is how different they are. From the food to the atmosphere, they are each unique to our family members. This one was loud. And busy. We had hors d'oeurves, then Texas Chili, made by Uncle Wyatt, and some different types of cornbread. Yum!

Here are some picture highlights of the night there:

Cousins playing together

Fun with Uncle Alan/Daddy
Feeding time
Aunt Courtney

Aunt Mal playing with the boys
Isa and Dylan
Silas playing with a gift
Dylan in the snowsuit we gave him
Yes, Mallory has her OWN onesie. 
The onesie twins
Kisses from Aunt Court

Grandmother and Uncle Wyatt

Four generations of Snellgroves


And, he's out.